MF-15/120 Diamond milling disc, medium-hard floors, 15x120mm black


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Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 business days

Suitable for medium-hard floors / cement screeds.

Diameter: 120 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
Shaft hole: 22.23 mm
Color: Black
12 segments



Milling discs are used to mill slots in an existing concrete or cement floor in combination with an underfloor heating tiller. You use the machine to follow a predetermined route, creating just enough space for the underfloor heating pipe. You do not have to tear up the entire floor and then lay the underfloor heating pipe and pour a new floor. As the underfloor heating pipe is on the floor surface, the milled space is heated faster and more efficiently. The milling discs have a width of 17 mm (for 16 mm pipe) or 15 mm (for 14 mm pipe).

We test the milling discs ourselves every day, which is why we can guarantee high quality.

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