Electric underfloor heating mats


Plus 21% MwSt. NL
Delivery Time: approx. 3-4 business days

The heating system is designed for installation in thin self-adhesive floors, levelling joints or thin screed floors under tiled and wooden floor coverings. The system comprises a roll of red mat to which a blue heating cable is attached. The distance between the heating cables is approx. 100 mm / 80 mm.

The thermostat is included in the system.

Additional information:

Very pleasant way to heat
Very fast heat-up time
Efficient and energy-efficient control
No chopping, crushing or milling work required
Can be used directly in the tile adhesive or in the leveling layer
Can be used as main or auxiliary heating
Simple installation
Easy to use
Inexpensive to purchase
Low operating costs
100 % waterproof
Completely maintenance-free