10 x 50 rolls of binding wire suitable for MAX


Plus 21% MwSt. NL
Delivery Time: ca. 3-4 Werktage

10 boxes X 50 rolls: Binding wire
Concrete braiding wire / galvanized wire.
Suitable for Max, Tjep, Makita and Senco.
Braided wire type : TW708PG


This braiding wire is suitable for several machine types. It has the right flexibility to ensure that your machine can establish a good connection quickly and easily. The braided wire is very suitable for various construction activities, for example the installation of underfloor heating systems such as concrete core activation or installation on structural steel mats. You can save many hours of work by using our braiding wire, because the biggest advantage is speed and convenience.

The properties and advantages of our braided wire are:

  • The wire reel is suitable for various machine types.
  • Maximum wire spool used for as much wire as possible.
  • There are several quality controls during the production process, including wire thickness and length.
  • Different wire gauges are available for several machines.